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Why CCL Isn’t Coming To Save Us

Why CCL Isn’t Coming To Save Us

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A lot of great plans have been written over the years. Many of them could have prevented us from ending up where we are now, nearing the point of no return. Beaufort County Comprehensive Plans of the late 1990’s were thoughtful, well written and may have succeeded before The Town of Bluffton’s annexations of Palmetto Bluff (20,660 acres), the Shults Tract (620 acres), Buckwalter Tract (5,600 acres), and Jones Tract (4,400 acres) put that all in question. The annexations lead to a new plan written in conjunction with Beaufort County where the Town of Bluffton took the lead in the May River Watershed.

Bluffton’s Town Manager Josh Martin left the town about 2005 to go to work for Charleston’s Mayor, Joe Riley. Martin began working for the Coastal Conservation League a few years later where he helped write a plan for Bluffton’s May River Watershed.

This was another solid plan we have largely chosen to ignore. Why isn’t the Coastal Conservation League coming to save us? They already did.


Downloads from the Coastal Conservation League (2009 presentation)
User Guide – Coastal Conservation League (2009 presentation)
Power Point Slide Show – Coastal Conservation League (2009 presentation)
Plan – Coastal Conservation League (2009 presentation)