Save The May River – Bluffton, SC

Keeping The May River Wild

From 2009 – a great production from Photographer, Videographer and Storyteller Greg Smith.

“Keeping the May River Wild,” with 10 interviews and some 200 pictures, tells the story of wildlife facing rapid real estate development and resulting storm water runoff along and in a tidal river that was – until about 15 years back – one of the cleanest estuary systems on America’s East Coast.

The multimedia documentary includes photographs and kayak-cockpit footage from more than a dozen years of twice-weekly kayak trips into the salt marshes of the May River. Greg Smith fed bugs, staked out an eagle’s nest and got to know the wide range of creatures that call the marsh home. He became involved in planning efforts to save the river, and as those failed, he documented both what was there and the changes in its watershed.

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